Electro move

June 1, 2014

Since the last post my days have been full, mainly with  the arrangement and the production of a new electro album. Gilles Boucomont recreated the Reform Psalter, using our contemporary codes.  During the Reform, Calvin commissioned the best poets and composers of his time. There is not yet a release date for this new opus.

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September 20, 2013

It’s about time to give you some news!  My last update is from January so it really is about time, isn’t it?
In my last update I spoke about a pop album for kids which has just been released (last week) under the title “I’m little, so what?” here on iTunes.
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Happy new year

January 9, 2013

I wish you a blossoming new year.

On the music side, “Nous d’une autre” Carole Thibaut’s play was wonderfully performed at the Rond Point Theater at the end of October. There were 4 shows. The collaboration with the director Joséphine Checco was really great. The music became a character in the play and supported the story. I had a lot of positives feedbacks and some funny anecdotes. For example, one man watching the play was trying really hard to “shazam” the music to know who it was.

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It’s the end of summer break…

September 12, 2012

So we take our pens…that’s fine, I’m just starting to compose for a drama for the Pan company. “Nous d’une autre” will be presented at the Theater Rond Point at the end of October. It will be the first time that I’m composing for the theater, it’s going to be a great experience!

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September 1, 2012

Welcome to this new website. You’ll be able to listen some music, watch some videos, read my bio, get the news and contact me.

I hope you’re gonna like this site, you’re welcome to register in order to receive emails about new updates and more…