HD headshots

“Chaumont’s melodies are catchy, the arrangements have plenty of air, and everyone solos and performs at a high level.” –All about jazz

“Skilled guitar playing” –Culture Jazz Magazine

“This transplanted Frenchman knows the groove well and delivers it at it’s finest. Tasty stuff that modern guitar fans will recognize as hot stuff by a rising star.” –Midwest record

“The Beauty of Differences is an incredible work of jazz.” –The Princeton Packet

“If you give this music more than a cursory listening, you’ll be impressed by the depth and emotion of the performances.” –Richard Kamins (Step Tempest)

“Always inspiring, exciting, to hear the artists who take the music on the path to new and exciting places with contemporary and/or multi-cultural rhythms, harmonies, voices and instrumentation.” –Ron Pelletier (KCSM & Gallery 41)

“The kaleidoscope of sound within songs and across the disc is exquisite and enchanting.” –Dave Rogers (WTJU)