Born in an artistic home in France, Jean began studying piano at five and from a young age, was drawn to improvisation and composition. At fourteen years old he picked up the guitar and became passionate about it. Two years later, he started his formal jazz studies, studying the guitar with Serge Merlaud, then Michel Perez and more recently, one of the most respected guitarists in the international jazz scene, Peter Bernstein.

Under the wings of Bernard Maury (who was the student of Nadia Boulanger, Ravel’s harmony teacher) he became fascinated with the science of chords and modes.  His interest for composition never ceased and his studies led him to refine his writing skills with Pierre Bertrand (Paris jazz big band) and Sylvain Beuf.

Based in Paris for most of his life, he had the joy to share the stage with many amazing musicians such as Fiona Monbet, Ibrahim Maalouf, Armel Dupas, Karl Jannuska, and Plumes Ensemble.  He played in jazz festivals and prestigious venues such as Jazz at Saint Germain des près, Charlie Jazz Festival, Jazz at Vannes, Pleyel, the Olympia, and the Stade de France.

He has been an active member of the quintet Goud (featuring NY artist Josiah Woodson) and the duo Tema with the Italian pianist Giuseppe de Gregorio. These projects resulted in many compositions, some were recorded on the EPs “Firstep” and “Glucose”.

Jean is interested by many aspects of the music industry and has been commissioned for production, arrangements, compositions and film scoring, Including a full-length documentary which was broadcasted on the French national television and arrangements for the multi-platinum album of the French pop singer Erikel. (More details about this on

At the end of 2014 Jean moved to Princeton, NJ with his wife. Inspired by the culture shock and the surroundings of nature, he started to compose for his first album. His debut album “The Beauty Of Differences” featuring world-class drummer Rudy Royston and 7 time Grammy nominated vocal artist Tierney Sutton will be released at the end of November 2017 with the label Misfitme music. All the proceeds will finance the excavation of wells in the Sakata region in Malawi through the non-profit “Villages in Partnership”.