WoW! Minimum goal reached!

April 8, 2017

WOW! We made our minimum goal! And we still have 7 days to go! Awesome, I hope we’ll reach our stretch goal!

I’m so THANKFUL for the help and encouragements of all the backers on my side! It feels like kickstarter owns its name: I feel the kick, a really good one, which is what I need to take the courage to bring this project to complete life.

We’re meeting today with the label founder, Enoch and we’ll book the studio very soon as now the project is really happening. And it’s not too late to jump in! You have until April 14th. Meet you there.

With deep gratitude!

Today? It’s a party!

March 15, 2017

I’m SO excited to share with you this page that I’ve carefully crafted for the last 3 months. Now the countdown is on, I will be fully ready for the recording in May.

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Ready for March 15th?

March 9, 2017

What is happening on March 15th?  An album is being born.  Jean has 8 original songs composed, which make up his debut album, The Beauty Of Differences.  A five-piece band including guitar, piano, sax, drums and bass will interpret the music, bringing the notes on the page to life.  The Beauty of Differences was inspired by Jean’s time here in the USA (Princeton), the way stepping out of your comfort zone opens your eyes to yourself and others.  Surrounded by nature and inspired by the beauty, his compositions reflect the spiritual journey he’s been on.

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March 1, 2015

For our US move I decided to sell most of my gear, motivated to discover new sounds.
Since I arrived in the states I tried lots of different guitars. I was looking for a crush.
I got some on beautiful guitars from the fifties or sixties (like a 54 strat, a 61 330) but the prices were way out of my league. Then I tried several Eastman that I found great. After few contacts with them I’ve now the pleasure to announce that I’m endorsed by Eastman guitars!
I received my first model, a AR503CE, I’m really satisfied and I’m discovering its potential.

I can start to compose for my first personal album.