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March 9, 2017
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What is happening on March 15th?  An album is being born.  Jean has 8 original songs composed, which make up his debut album, The Beauty Of Differences.  A five-piece band including guitar, piano, sax, drums and bass will interpret the music, bringing the notes on the page to life.  The Beauty of Differences was inspired by Jean’s time here in the USA (Princeton), the way stepping out of your comfort zone opens your eyes to yourself and others.  Surrounded by nature and inspired by the beauty, his compositions reflect the spiritual journey he’s been on.

The recent political climate has brought to light ways we as humans might respond to difference.  With news of terrorist attacks around the world, one temptation is to build walls instead of look for ways to create bridges. In this time of instability, what is it that binds us together?  The Beauty of Differences is a celebration of the diversity that is our humanity.  Rather than trying to eliminate or ignore the differences between humans, this album seeks to explore the beauty that lies there within.

March 15th Jean will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the album.

A unique feature of this album is that 90% of the proceeds will be donated towards the excavation of wells in Malawi, Africa, through Villages in Partnership.

A little testimony about the writing of the album :unnamed

“ Over the summer we welcomed our first child to the world.  What an amazing journey the one of becoming parent. While Audrey was in Andrea’s womb I started tactile communication, as we read it was a great way to start bonding with our child.  I will always remember that day when she answered back. We started some kind of a morse code back and forth.  I knocked ‘tic tic tic’ and she answered ‘tac tac tac’…  It inspired me to compose “Audrey’s Code” that you’ll hear on the album.”


Come along on this journey of exploring the beauty of the world in all its diversity.
Mark it on your calendar, March 15th is the beginning of a trip that’s bigger than just you and me!

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