Review “Magical moments of music”

July 17, 2018

A great review just got released by Jazz writer Richard Kamins, here an extract:

The quintet is in sync throughout, not just respecting the composer’s intent but building upon it, making his ideas sing.  If you give this music more than a cursory listening, you’ll be impressed by the depth and emotion of the performances.

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WTJU reviews the album

July 3, 2018

Dave Rogers shared his thoughts on the album:

Jean Chaumont is truly a citizen of the world. His music employs group and individual dynamics in a remarkably egalitarian style. Chaumont plays several different types of guitars, but his style has his instrument sharing the lead as much as yielding to other musicians in the group. The other players are Michael Bond (piano, rhodes), Ike Sturm (upright bass), Rudy Royston (drums) and Sam Sadigursky (tenor & soprano sax) with guests Tierney Sutton and Vinod Gnanaraj (vocals on three songs), John Hadfield (percussion on 1 song) and Enoch Smith Jr (Hammond organ on three songs).The kaleidoscope of sound within songs and across the disc is exquisite and enchanting. Chaumont also notes that each sale of this disc will be donated to “Villages In Partnership” to build wells in the Sakata region of Malawi. This is an intriguing and exquisite disc.

First week radio update

June 22, 2018

It’s been a week that the album was released and the radios like it. Already 42 stations added it to their playlist, we’re the 7th most added album to US jazz radios this week!

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The album is available now

June 15, 2018

Super exciting to share finally with all of you this music, here you’ll find several options to give it a listen and more:

All the proceeds of the album finance the excavation of wells in Malawi: each album provide water for one person’s entire life!