First week radio update

June 22, 2018

It’s been a week that the album was released and the radios like it. Already 42 stations added it to their playlist, we’re the 7th most added album to US jazz radios this week!

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The album is available now

June 15, 2018

Super exciting to share finally with all of you this music, here you’ll find several options to give it a listen and more:

All the proceeds of the album finance the excavation of wells in Malawi: each album provide water for one person’s entire life!

Pre-order is available

June 8, 2018

You can already pre-order on 3 majors retailers, the link is here.

Side note, the Bandcamp option is the most efficient: 80% of the sale goes to Villages in Partnership for the excavation of wells in Malawi. (Only 60% with iTunes and Amazon) Moreover, with Bandcamp you will have the option to download CD quality files with the artwork in PDF file.

Culture Jazz Magazine review

May 31, 2018

A new review of the album:

Le guitariste français Jean Chaumont est installé aux États-Unis depuis 2014. Pour cet album il réunit un quintet efficace dans lequel on remarque le batteur Rudy Royston. Musique intéressante, jeu de guitare travaillé et une action militante avec ce disque dont les bénéfices de la vente aideront à financer des forages de puits au Malawi.
Thierry Giard

Great review from Midwest record!

May 22, 2018

A review from Midwest record just came in:

Any time you sneak Tierney Sutton into the liner notes, you’ve already caught our attention and this jazz guitar set well deserves attention.  With a vibe that feels like it came from the lighter side of fusion, this transplanted Frenchman knows the groove well and delivers it at it’s finest.  Tasty stuff that modern guitar fans will recognize as hot stuff by a rising star, this set invites you to get on board now.  Well done.
Chris Spector

A first review on All About Jazz

May 9, 2018

A first review in parrallel with the duo album of Nelson Veras & Jonathan Kreisberg just came out on All about Jazz.

An extract:

In short, it’s fusion for jazzbos skeptical of the genre and it works beautifully. Chaumont’s melodies are catchy, the arrangements have plenty of air, and everyone solos and performs at a high level. Rudy Royston’s driven and technical but always musical drumming is a special treat in this context.