Second and final day of recording

Bitter-sweet, we had to say bye for now after this last day of studio with those music heros. Honestly they have been amazing from start to finish on this project and this day was no exception!

I’m so honored to be able to stand with those highly skilled and highly musical jazz-gentlemen.

From left to right, Ike Sturm (bass), Rudy Royston (drums), Michael Bond (piano/rhodes), myself (guitars), Sam Sadigursky (Tenor/Soprano), Enoch Smith Jr. of Misfitme music (production and B3 organ) and Dave Kowalski (sound engineer).

They have magnified each song! We had some nice surprises, especially with an extra piece I composed during the 3 days before this last recording day. A little surprise for someone very special … Promise, you will know more about this piece at the release of the album.

Next some overdubs, then edits and mix mid-July…

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