First day

Our first day of recording today was just amazing!

Everybody played incredibly, I’m so amazed at how well it turned out, can’t wait to share it with you! And I can’t wait to record the next session in June.

In addition to Rudy Royston, we had Sam Sadigursky on tenor, Ike Sturm on bass, Michael Bond on piano and Vinod Gnanaraj singing the title track.

Here Rudy soloing (he killed it as much on the solo on “For each one of them” today)


Slight change of plan

The drummer we planned to have on the recording had been sick for several days, we had to find a cover last minute for tomorrow. And we found one, Rudy Royston is available and can do the session with us tomorrow, this is incredible! Rudy is just the most amazing drummer, I can’t wait to hear how is gonna interpret my music.


Incredible! I’m speechless… I mean no, THANK YOU to all the backers, 111 exactly! Really impatient to share with you this music!

WoW! Minimum goal reached!

WOW! We made our minimum goal! And we still have 7 days to go! Awesome, I hope we’ll reach our stretch goal!

I’m so THANKFUL for the help and encouragements of all the backers on my side! It feels like kickstarter owns its name: I feel the kick, a really good one, which is what I need to take the courage to bring this project to complete life.

We’re meeting today with the label founder, Enoch and we’ll book the studio very soon as now the project is really happening. And it’s not too late to jump in! You have until April 14th. Meet you there.

With deep gratitude!


Wonderful news about the album!

I want to share another great news, I called my friend Tierney and she would love to sing on the track I talked to you about on facebook:Beach spring“. She’ll perform some background vocals on “Renewed Perspective” as well. She absolutely loves the music and the project vision, it’s a great encouragement!

Her name is Tierney Sutton, she’s a wonderful person and an amazing singer and musician. And she’s also highly respected in the industry, she’s been nominated 7 times at the grammy awards for the best vocal jazz album. Here below a song of her last album, “Seven days”, our time left until the end of our campaign

On the picture she’s here with Serge Merlaud, my dear friend and my first jazz guitar teacher.

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