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My passion for music is contagious. I taught over 15 years to more than 100 students, including kids and adults of every level.


“ Not all music lesson providers are equal. How do you know that you are getting your money’s worth? You want to look for a highly skilled professional with experience, but also someone who knows how to teach (and let’s be honest, someone you would want to be around). You will find all three of these things in my music lessons. If you don’t believe me, just read the testimonials below. In addition, learning an instrument without the proper techniques can damage your body. Make sure you find someone who pays attention to the details of how you play and will lead you towards best practices.”

You might ask…

What types of students are welcome?

Everyone from 5 years old to 65 years old!
Everyone from the complete beginner to the seasoned (or even professional) musician!

What can I expect during a lesson?

I like to adapt myself to you and your learning goals. I will offer information and experiences that will not only improve your skills and feed your desire for knowledge but also nourish your curiosity and make you want to keep on learning. For example, this might mean studying music genres you’ve never heard about or learning to improvise or to transcribe melodies.
Often we start with warm ups and/or some scales studies, then we learn a song which may trigger a short music theory bullet point, and finally you receive an assignment to direct your practice until the next lesson. If you already feel intimidated by this, please don’t! The first step is signing up! We can do this! Read below some reviews of former students of mine.

Weekly lessons?

Typically my students enroll for weekly lessons, with a monthly flat rate. This comes with a significant discount compared to lessons à la carte.
The weekly lesson is the best, it helps you stay motivated and on track in order to reach your music goals. However, if you feel like you only need a lesson every other week or just a la carte we can work with that too.

Am I supposed to be trained in reading music beforehand?

Absolutely not, we’ll learn this in lessons.

Do you teach only Jazz?

Although my advanced training is in Jazz, I like many genres of music and can teach the styles of Bossa-Nova, Folk, Blues, Funk, Rock, Country, Gipsy Jazz, Pop and even few Classical songs.

What are your rates?

Isolated in-studio/online lessons are $49/30min or $89/h.
The weekly 30min in-studio/online lesson plan is $175/month.
The weekly 40min at your home lesson plan starts at $250/month. (depending on your location)


“Our son started guitar lessons with Jean when he was 5, at an age when other guitar teachers in the area were not taking students. We were SO lucky to find Jean. Our son took lessons with Jean for about 2 years and now he is 7 and absolutely loves playing guitar. We were so sorry to lose Jean when his family moved from Princeton. In fact our son’s current teacher, who only takes students 8 and older, took our son on at 7 because she was so impressed with how much progress he had made. She keeps remarking that his previous teacher did all the hard work and now she gets to have so much fun teaching our son!”
-Teena Lerman

“I learned how to play the piano from Jean’s lessons. I liked that Jean would help you through each lesson and came to our house.”
-Andrew Nulty (8 years old)

“Mr. Chaumont is a very dedicated teacher. He is really patient and very thorough. He taught guitar to my child for 2+ years. If he had not moved, my child would still be learning from him. Mr. Chaumont is an excellent teacher. He has a very positive energy that he brings to each lesson. I highly recommend him for learning guitar.”
-Gunjan Khare

“Learning the guitar from Jean was not only joyful, but it was a time for healing through music. I also learned a lot of techniques.”
-Anna Lee

“Jean had good rapport with my son, who enjoyed this first experience with guitar lessons. Jean’s sense of humor was appreciated. The varied approach included basic music theory, warm-up exercises, chords and popular songs. Jean is an excellent guitar teacher and we enthusiastically recommend him.”
-Sarah Bixler

“I had looked for a guitar teacher for a while to evolve both theoretically and technically, and after a trial with Jean, I immediately appreciated his adaptability to the needs of his students, his calm and his encouragements. And what about his positivism even during the weeks we spent working on some songs (argh, “Neon”, by John Mayer…). To all those who wish to begin, re-start, progress, or explore other musical worlds, I particularly recommend Jean as a teacher. Beyond the encyclopedic knowledge of music that his years of high-level training brought him, Jean can make you work scales, harmony and rotating arpeggios but also hard rock power-chords, Brazilian Bossa-Nova, American or French Pop. Of course, don’t forget to go see him playing live, it’s just a delight for the ears. And who knows, he may invite you on stage for a song (as he did with me) for your baptism of fire in the spotlight!”
-Joris Hitier

“I started out piano as a beginner and Jean helped me to become an intermediate. The music he chose to teach us was very good and I enjoyed it a lot.”
-Timmy Nulty (11 years old)

“I truly enjoyed my lessons with Jean. He picked interesting songs to work on my improvisations.”
-John Lusdyk

I’m interested, how does it work?

Send me a little message of introduction and tell me what you’re looking for in music lessons. I’ll send you a sign up in a simple format online, we will find the time that works best for you and we will make some music together. It’s gonna be great fun!

You can contact me at:
+1 (609) 216-9528
lessons [at]

About me

How did I got started?

While still a student at the music conservatory, I was approached by guitarists eager to receive help in their discipline. I found that I was a natural teacher and enjoyed the interaction with students. I started offering music lessons on a weekly basis and my business quickly grew. Recently, I have expanded my business to offer ukulele, piano, drum and bass lessons.

A recent project

I recently composed my debut album called “The Beauty of Differences.” The motivation for this album came from my passion to embrace one another in all our differences, rather than creating divisive walls. Just like in music, for there to be beauty, there needs to be color, variation, and difference. To that effect, I love working with all kinds of people. Music is another form of language communication, building bridges between people.

My training and experience?

  • I hold the degree of the Conservatory of Orsay (France) in Jazz Performance
  • 17 years of experience as a music teacher
  • I have arranged and composed multiple albums
  • Composed for a documentary on the country of Bhutan produced by the French National Television
  • My latest album received a four star review from Downbeat magazine and remained 10 weeks in the top 100 of US Jazz radio airplays
  • I performed live at prestigious venues like the Saint Germain des Prés Jazz Festival

Interested in my music lessons?

You can contact me at:
+1 (609) 216-9528
lessons [at]

I look forward hearing about your music goals!