WTJU critique l’album

juillet 3, 2018

Dave Rogers donne son avis sur l’album:

Jean Chaumont is truly a citizen of the world. His music employs group and individual dynamics in a remarkably egalitarian style. Chaumont plays several different types of guitars, but his style has his instrument sharing the lead as much as yielding to other musicians in the group. The other players are Michael Bond (piano, rhodes), Ike Sturm (upright bass), Rudy Royston (drums) and Sam Sadigursky (tenor & soprano sax) with guests Tierney Sutton and Vinod Gnanaraj (vocals on three songs), John Hadfield (percussion on 1 song) and Enoch Smith Jr (Hammond organ on three songs).The kaleidoscope of sound within songs and across the disc is exquisite and enchanting. Chaumont also notes that each sale of this disc will be donated to “Villages In Partnership” to build wells in the Sakata region of Malawi. This is an intriguing and exquisite disc.

L’album est disponible aujourd’hui

juin 15, 2018

Super excitant de pouvoir partager enfin avec vous tous cette musique, vous trouverez ici plusieurs options pour l’écouter et plus : http://smarturl.it/ttsryy

Toutes les recettes de l’album financent le forage de puits au Malawi : chaque album vendu permettra de fournir de l’eau potable à une personne, et cela pour toute sa vie!